What a Private Soccer Trainer Can Do For Your Young Athlete

Have you ever wondered why some soccer players are just better than others? While practice may have something to do with it, having a private soccer trainer can help you learn about the weaknesses and therefore help a young player improve a thousand-fold. In addition to this, a coach can also help the kids feel motivated by his or her words. Imagine the benefits someone with authority’s words can have on a child. Positive encouragement can contribute to improving the children’s self-confidence while they are still a very young.

Below are Some Additional Motivation Ideas for Trainers

  • As a trainer, you should be able to encourage positive behavior from your players.

Make sure to use the player’s name as often as possible. If they did something good like the hustle during a game, try saying “Great hustle, Adam.” However, if you want them to do something better than how they did it originally, do not say it negatively. Instead, say that you know how much better he can do it. In addition to this, make sure that you can praise every little progress that your player makes.

  • Make sure to be visible with your praises.

As much as possible, give the player compliments where everybody can see it. This will boost the player self-confidence even more. In addition to this, this will be how you can let your players know how proud you are of them.

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  • Be quick to praise.

Do not wait until the final second of the game or practice to appreciate your player. You can give them phrases right then and there. This will let them know about your feelings towards the end of the positive encouragement when it comes to doing better.

  • Do not be afraid to call their attention when they do something good or when they are obedient to your instructions.

Saying that they did a good job or giving them a smile and a positive hand gesture like thumbs up can show them that you are pleased and happy with what they have done. You may even inform them of your actions beforehand.

  • Think about specific positive words and behavior that you can use to reinforce the motivation in your players.

Remember that being specific about the behavior that you would want to encourage and the time and place when you give praise is extremely vital. If a player does something, extremely confident and courageous you can surely call their attention right after. You can say something and courage in like “Good job!” or give them a round of applause. Your gestures will undoubtedly get associated with good behavior in the long run.

Keep in mind that you would want to reinforce the particular active behavior. So you have to pinpoint what kind of behavior this is and make sure to have others hear your praises. This is all part of your beneficial reinforcement and motivation schemes.

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