Safe Driving for a Safe Living

The ability to drive is an important aspect when it comes to land transportation. Aside from being able to drive, any driver should also exercise caution when driving. Before embarking on a long drive, it should also be a priority for drivers to be in the right physical condition so as not to cause any accidents. One concern that one should be on the lookout for is drowsy driving.

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Truck drivers and inexperienced drivers going on long road trips are the most susceptible to drowsy driving. Most long haul drivers don’t get enough sleep which makes them succumb to drowsy driving. When this happens, they won’t notice if they have gone over the speed limit. Several road accident statistics show that drowsy driving combined with over-speeding have caused a significant number of accidents in most states.

While getting sleepy when on the wheel can sometimes be unavoidable, it is best to be informed and aware of the symptoms of drowsy driving. Being aware will keep one alert and help prevent accidents from occurring. Symptoms of drowsy driving include difficulty in maintaining focus, frequent rapid eye blinking, and yawning. Missing turns and exits should indicate that one is already experiencing drowsy driving. If keeping the eyes open and the head upright proves to be difficult, that’s drowsy driving for sure.

Knowing these symptoms when they happen should signal one to get off the road and have some rest before continuing with the trip. An even better approach would be to prevent drowsy driving from happening in the first place.

Before the start of a long road trip, one must avoid the following:
• Not getting enough sleep
• Alcohol consumption
• Taking medication with sedative effect
• Working continuously without getting adequate rest
• Driving during a time when one is usually asleep

Aside from avoiding the above, there are several proactive measures to observe as well. Before the trip, drivers should have had adequate sleep.  defensive driving is always the right thing to do. Another one would be to travel with a companion who also knows how to drive. That way, they can take turns in driving ensuring that one can rest and even sleep while the other is driving. Dividing a long road trip into several parts by taking breaks or pit stops is also a good idea. During breaks it is important to get a few body stretches, drink some water, and take bathroom breaks too.

Another way to break the monotony of long drives would be to have interesting conversations with other people in the car or truck. Discussions during road trips can make time pass quickly. In no part of the trip or breaks should the driver drink alcohol or take medication with ingredients that cause drowsiness.

Observing these precautions avoid accidents resulting from drowsy driving should be severely followed by drivers. This is not only for one’s good but other people as well. It is important to note that when driving, one is not just responsible for one’s life but also for the well being of passengers and other people on the road as well.  Stay safe on the road and follow these defensive driving techniques.

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