Places to See in Mexico

Mexico is known for its numerous and famous archaeological sites. More than twenty complete and intact buildings of the Mesoamerican era still exist in Mexico. Any backpacker looking for adventure and mystery will find the sites in Mexico archaeologically and naturally very attractive.
They are…

• Chichen Itza





The pre-Hispanic site called Chichen Itza lasted for only 1200 years and was at the point of extinction after 1000 AD. A two-hour bus ride from Cancun can take a visitor to the site which is in the Yucatan State.
This site declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site consists of two cities where the Mayans lived initially and was later occupied by the Toltec-Mayans.
• El Tepozteco


The El Tepozteco, complete with a real Aztec temple, is perhaps the most recently built Mesoamerican site. This little-known site is fascinating because it’s in the Tepoztlan municipality which is still inhabited by people.
The numerous legends that surround the small structure got described by a scholar named Margarita Vargas-Betancourt in her 2002th paper. Many Christian legends have got mixed up with other legends regarding this site such as the title “400 Gods of Pulque”.
• Palenque

The Palenque site, which is one of the five most ancient sites, has perhaps the most mysterious and the richest history behind it. It is situated in the Chiapas state and is a must-see place for all visitors who are interested in Mayan and Mesoamerican history and archaeology along with those who are fans of UFOs.
The popularity of the site has prompted even the “New York Times” to bring out articles on travel to the site and to give suggestions about cheap places for staying nearby of the site.
• Tenochtitlan

One of the favorites place to travel to mexcio and among the cites that are still standing, the Tenochtitlan site is probably the most original Mesoamerican site. The site has been made fantastic by its location at the center of Lake Texcoco. This site is infamous for the still existing ball courts and bloodthirsty games where the heads of the players of losing teams were cut off as a ritual.
Tourists should also visit the fantastic Moctezuma palace whose grounds house the aquariums, the zoological gardens, and the aviaries.
• Teotihuacan





Currently, this site has the greatest number of visitors perhaps in the whole world. The “Temple of the Serpent”, the fully colored murals, the “Pyramid of the Sun”, the “Avenue of the Moon” and the “Pyramid of the Moon” located in the vast and wonderful complex are things that every tourist should see with their own eyes.
But to see all this, you have to hire some Llamas and wear your hiking boots as Teotihuacan is at a height of 7200 feet above the sea in the “Basin of Mexico.”

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